20 Fitness Fanatics Help you get Leaner, Stronger, and Faster

These days when you have a problem, what do you do?  Google it, of course.Image of Richard Simmons

Who can blame you.

In milliseconds you will have your choice of hundreds of answers covering every conceivable angle.

It’s no different if your problem is trying desperately to get ripped abs, stronger and faster, or just wanting to simply feel more healthy and full of energy. Continue reading

Do You Get Gluten Bloat? Hiding Your Great Abs!

You ever sat down to a wonderful Italian feast full of pasta, breads, and sauces?Image of Mike Roussell

Maybe ate a little more then you should?

How did you feel after?  Sluggish, low on energy, irritable, distended belly?

I have definitely felt this way after a meal like this and I just chalked it up to paying the price for over eating.

However there could actually be another reason.  Read what Dr. Mike Roussell has to say. Continue reading

Building Muscle and Losing Fat – Experts Most Frequent Responses

exercise and nutrition expertsCork board with the letters EXPERT pinned on it.

weighed in on 3 questions.

  1.  What is the best way to build muscle?
  2. What is the best way to burn fat?
  3. What supplements would you recommend?

Based on their answers, there were some common principles that surfaced.

continue reading and I’ll fill you in. Continue reading

Lose Fat, Get Great Abs,and Build Muscle – Experts Weigh In

I was checking out Twitter the other day,

and ran across an interesting post.

It was dealing with fat loss and building muscle.

Definitely topics that go well with AthleticAbs.com thinking.

Yes, I know there are a lot out there, but this was a bit different.

the twist and most intriguing idea around this post and what made it stand out was where the underlying info was coming from.

What the author did was get several experts to weigh in on the topic.  10 to be exact.

Keep reading to find out what principles seemed to repeat themselves. Continue reading

Body Fat Loss = Calories in/ Calories out Bottom line?

Fat to SkinnyIt’s human nature for people to want to solve problems.

To come up with a reason why certain things happen.

They want to figure out the cause or culprit.

The increase in the waistlines of North Americans over the last several decades and how lose fat over our abs is one of those problems.

Opinions on why we are in this predicament and body fat loss options vary.

Some have solid backing while others seem to miss the mark.

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Popular Nutritional Trends

Hi everyone!

Today I’m going to mix things up a bit, and let you listen to a very interesting interview about some on the popular nutritional trends that are being utilized by athletes and the general public alike.

Image of Brian St. PierreWhile surfing around a few of the blogs I follow, I stumbled upon this great interview on exercisesforinjuries.com with Brian St. Pierre.

Brian St.Pierre Is a Certified Sports Nutritionist and a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist.

He is also the owner of BSP Training and Nutrition.

Brian has worked with all levels of athletes as well as the general public.  The Interviewer and creator of exercisesforInjuries.com is Rick Kaselj.

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What’s Better, Free weights vs Machines?

Whether you decide to use free weights or weight machines there are a few points to consider. Lets take a look at free weights.

Free weight close upz


This is probably the method of training for muscle strength and mass which gives you the most bang for your buck.

Barbells, dumbbells, kettle bells, and functional cable machines have one thing is common.

They all force the individual to stabilize an object and give that person free range of motion to move that object.

By allowing this freedom, the individual is capable of training muscles and groups of muscles through very specific functional ranges of motion.

The great thing about this is that these specific exercises can be customized to fit a sport, job or any everyday activity that you may perform.

Free weights are also a really good option for maintaining muscle mass while trying to loss body fat through metabolic training.

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Goal Setting For Fitness 101

Ok, lets get right into the topic of goal setting.Road to success with a finger pointing.

Goal setting for weight loss and fitness to be more specific.

We talked a bit last week about why goal setting via a New Years resolution, flat out doesn’t work the majority of the time here.

I also touched on habits and behavioral changes that need to be applied before any transformation can come to fruition.

Lets take a closer look at obtaining ripped abs.  You can not get ripped abs without weight loss, more specifically body fat loss.

You can jump in blindly, cutting calories, exercising, restricting certain foods and so on, without any clear outcome in mind.

This method usually ends up in disappointment.

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New Years Resolutions! Really??

Happy New YearWith the singing of Auld Lang Syne comes reflection on the past year.

Also a look forword and hope for better things to come.

This brings with it, the ever so popular and often alcohol influenced New Years resolutions, be it fitness related or not.

The time when many people pledge to improve themselves and be BETTER then last year.

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